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BMHF The Team - Jenna Wilson

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Jenna is a product designer, performer and former professional dancer. She created and designed the website for the festival. A long journey brought her to Berlin and here she is, answering some questions:

Why and how is mental health important to you?

Learning tools to minimise the damage in moments of crisis and confusion can save us from extra, prolonged suffering. It is my belief that we would be much better at relating if we all took the time to take good care of our mental health.

What makes you interested in BMHF? The topic, the festival, the format? I’m mostly interested in BMHF to develop community around mental health, learn, and share more resources.

How did you deal with mental health during last year's lockdown?

I continued performing into the pandemic, stayed social with precautions, surrendered to the fact that the outcome of COVID would be the outcome. I adopted a dog which kept me on a good schedule once everything shut down. I committed myself to becoming a great UX designer. Because almost everything ended for me, it was a great opportunity to reimagine everything in my life.

How are you preparing for this year's winter/lockdown?

To prepare for winter I’m making more time for meditation and rest. I stick to routine and remember to nurture myself.

What are your tools/ways to regulate your own mental health?

To keep myself regulated I make sure I’m physically and spiritually healthy. I have a therapist in case the experience gets choppy and I need to talk. I connect with people who are open and willing to discuss mental health honestly. I keep a routine that supports my mental health. I surround myself with people who are easy on my nervous system and I have strong boundaries with people who are not.

Next to the festivals what else are your areas of interest/projects?

I enjoy dancing, fitness, gardening, socialising, making trips to the sea, and being with my family. On occasion I perform as a burlesque dancer.

Interview: Wiebke Hörmann Text: Jenna Nicole Wilson Insta:@alwaysjennanicole

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